Tea Time Film

The core business of the newly created Tea Time Film is the production service of commercials mainly for the Japanese market.
Tea Time Film is an executive production service company that was set up in 2011 based on the experience of three partners who had already worked together in the past: Taku Komaya and Kasumi Usui from Japan, and Marcantonio Borghese. Their first productions include many commercials featuring the Japanese soccer star Nakatomo who plays for Inter Milan, and the comedy “Hotaru no Hikari” (filmed in and around Rome between August and October 2011 for Fuji Film), a kind of Japanese version of “Roman Holiday” that has great movie tourism potential. Borghese says: “The Japanese want to visit fictional places from both the big and small screen. That is what happened with “Amalfi”, a 10 million Euro movie we made (as freelancers) three years ago and thanks to which Rome and Amalfi became part of the major Japanese tour operators’ circuit: the mayor of Amalfi has said that his city has not felt the effects of the economic crisis because of the amount of tourism generated by the movie. We expect the same outcome for “Thermae Romae”, another movie filmed in February 2011 and set in ancient Rome and modern day Tokyo: I know that Japanese tour operators are already negotiating with Cinecittà to organize tours linked to the movie”.


Hotaru no Hikari (2012) – directed by Hiroshi Yoshino
Thermae Romae (2012) – directed by Hideki Takeuchi
Amalfi (2009) – directed by Hiroshi Nishitani


Via di Pallacorda, 14
00186 Rome
Marcantonio Borghese marc@teatimefilm.com