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Marco Valerio Pugini started his career in 1981 and founded the first 100% production service company in Italy in 1989. In 1997, Ute Leonhardt joined in what became, Panorama Films, the Italian company with the widest range of productions activities.

From “Angels and Demons” to the Spanish TV Series “Imperium”, to “Letters to Juliet”, “The Sopranos”, “Jersey Shore”, as well as TV commercials, music videos, photo reportage and specialized work in 70mm, IMAX, 3D, etc. Panorama has worked on productions from the lowest budget to the highest budget ever shot in Italy (the HBO/BBC Series “Rome”). It was the first company to use the tax credit in 2009 for “Letters to Juliet” and is currently using it for a US documentary: “The Spirit of the Marathon II”. “Working on different kinds of productions increases our experience and our ability to quickly and positively react to every kind of project, from the independent to the studio ones, from a documentary to a reality show”. According to Pugini, working on international projects increases the professionality of the crew involved, boosts the visibility of our country (and its products) in the world and brings currency and work. But, as he says, “We must remember that we need to keep working together with other associations and institutions in order to improve the system in Italy. Our world is in constant change and today it is better to say we work in the ‘audiovisual’ content production”.


Eat, Pray, Love (2009) – directed by Ryan Murphy
Angels and Demons (2008) – directed by Ron Howard
Miracle at St. Anna (2007) – directed by Spike Lee
Rome (2003-2006) – HBO/BBC Series
Abu Dhabi Ferrari World – Theme Park Attractions


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Marco Valerio Pugini
Ute Leonhardt