Mestiere Cinema

Mestiere Cinema is a film service production company based in Venice since 1986. Flexibility, cost efficiency and reliability are the ‘plus’ factors of a production company, which serves Hollywood Studio productions with the same enthusiasm and determination that it dedicates to lower budget films or documentaries. Over the past 25 years Mestiere Cinema has worked with over 100 productions of a vast variety of different film projects: Emma Thomson’s latest script Effie dir. R.Laxton (Sovereign Films Prod.), The Twilight Saga: New Moon dir. C. Weitz (Summit Prod), The James Bond saga : Quantum of Solace dir. M. Forster (Sony Pict.) and Casino Royale director M. Campell (Sony Pict.), Casanova dir. by Lasse Hallstrom (Disney), the largest period film ever shot entirely on location in Italy. A long-term established relationship allowed for collaboration on the three recent films of Star Wars trilogy saga dir. by G. Lucas (Lucasfilm). One of the most spectacular boat chase scenes was made possible for The Italian Job dir. by F.G.Gray’s (Paramount). Other important jobs include: In Love and War dir. by R. Attenborough (Newline), I dreamed of Africa dir. by H. Hudson (Sony), W. Allen’s Everyone says I love you, and O. Ioseliani’s Lundi Matin. Mestiere Cinema has also produced a host of documentaries. Special pride is dedicated to all of the documentaries produced for AMREF – African Medical Research Foundation: Big Brother AIDS and Black Kids, Sleepless Nights and This is My Sister (Uganda), African Spelling Book, Peter’s Dream (Kenya) and more. Recent productions include produced DASPU – putas prêt-à-porter and The Palladians – also directed by Guido Cerasuolo, which won several international awards. Mestiere Cinema celebrates the shooting of the 17th 90’ episode of the German produced TV Movie Series Commissario Brunetti, while also taking on new clients from India (The Fakir of Venice – Phat Phish Prod.) and from South Korea (Athena-Iris 2 -Taewon Ent.), as new markets that increasingly require greater flexibility, cost efficiency and reliability.


Effie (2012) – directed by Richard Laxton
The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) – directed by Chris Weitz
Quantum of Solace – James Bond (2008) – directed by Marc Forster
Casino Royale – James Bond (2006) – directed by Martin Campbell
Casanova (2005) – directed by Lasse Hallstrom
Star Wars – Episodes I, II, III (1999 – 2002 – 2005) – directed by George Lucas
The Italian Job (2003) – directed by F. Gary Gray


Cannaregio 3597
30121 Venice Italy
T +39 041 715658
F +39 041 5231741

Guido Cerasuolo
Enrico Ballarin