Location Master

Location Master is an Executive Production Company based in Milan that was founded by Stefano Biraghi more than 15 years ago, with the idea of giving the opportunity to anyone who wanted to shoot in Italy and abroad to get the best support available for movies, TV shows, commercials, documentaries, reality shows and photo shoots.


The core business of Location Master has always been the luxury sector: Beauty, Fashion, Perfumes, Automotive (including supercars); projects that could be shot in Italy and abroad. Location Master had also the chance to produce the Italian episodes of the second original Netflix documentary series, “Chef’s Table”, including the first episode of the series, with Massimo Bottura and recently, Massimo Cecchini’s episode.


During all these years, Location Master has created a huge network of strong connections with international gear rental, vendors, locations, authorities, constructors, theatres and much more, to allow things that at first sight seem impossible, to become a reality. Location Masters works only with the best English speaking crew members, allowing easy communication between local crew and HOD’s coming from abroad. Producers, Production Companies and clients from Italy and abroad choose to produce through us or with our support when they need efficiency, timeliness within the budget allocated.


The company’s location database contains a huge variety of options from the main cities including Florence, Venice, Milan, Rome and Naples, as well as villas, castles, country roads, deserts, mountains, coastal roads and cities, industrial architecture, ruins, modern architecture, museums, restaurants, dams, tunnels, lakes, glaciers, quarries, forests, luxury hotels, terraces and much, much more.

Our vision: “There are no problems, just solutions.”