“One of the most rewarding aspects of being a production service company here is the ability to host foreign producers and directors, and to introduce them to the really excellent crews, their creativity and the unique beauty, character and culture that Italy has sto offer. The return is the economic benefit to the Italian industry, but perhaps more important is the tecnical scope and experience that this affords our talent here”

This is one of the most important aspects of the line and executive producer’s work according to partners David Nichols and Francesco Marras of Cineroma, the company Nichols set up in 1998, bringing his experience as a line producer with the Hollywood majors to Italy. “Bringing the Anglo-American audiovisual industry to Italy means getting a chance to work with the type of budgets that are not usually available to our film industry, with all the ensuing benefits in terms of acquiring technical know-how”. Two of the movies Cineroma has worked on are “The Tourist” and “To Rome with Love”, the latest work by Woody Allen. With regard to Allen’s movie, Nichols says: “Helen Robin, who has been Woody Allen’s producer for 35 years, said that the experience of working with an Italian crew was the best of her whole career”.

The projects Cineroma is currently developing include “Antonia” , set between the two World Wars in Tuscany, on Lake Garda and in the UK, directed by Marc Jobst (UK), a romantic comedy “Condemned to love”, written and directed by Barry Morrow, based on a legend from the Alto Adige, and a project about the “cursed” artists and poets of the early ‘900s in Paris and Tuscany.

To Rome With Love (2012) – directed by Woody Allen
The Tourist (2010) – directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
Bruno (2009) – directed by Larry Charles
The International (2009) – directed by Tom Tykwer
Love’s Brother (2004) – directed by Jan Sardi
Beowulf (2007) – directed by Robert Zemeckis
A Good Woman (2004) – directed by Mike Barker
Swept Away (2002) – directed by Guy Ritchie


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