APE – (Association of Executive Producers) is the merged establishment of Executive Production Companies operating in Italy in the audiovisual sector to manage Italian and international production projects that are realized mainly through foreign participation and funding.
Such production works are subjected to international standards and requirements that APE associates fully understand and share with their non-Italian colleagues and partners.

APE is the leading trademark of Executive Production Companies in Italy, which are responsible for the organization and shooting of some of the most important film projects in recent years: “Gangs of New York”, “007 Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace”, “Ink Heart”, “Casanova”, “Mission Impossible 3”, “The Nativity”, and “Ocean’s Twelve”, to name just a few, in addition to the television series: “The Sopranos” and “Rome”, as well as numerous television commercials, made-for-television movies, and documentaries that are shot on location in Italy.

APE is available to convey and confer all possibilities for fiscal incentive offered by Italian law on Tax Credits, allowing for foreign producers to save practically 30% of what they spend via Italian executive producers.
There is hence greater competitiveness offered through an adequate use of the available incentives for foreign productions in Italy: from Tax Credits to the different Regional Funds provided by the Italian Film Commissions, which are evermore active both on the operative front as well as for financing.
for further information: info@ape-italy.com